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                                               A Precedence for Youth
                    ​                      Chapter 1

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    The wisps of white clouds shifted gently across an azure sky as the sun’s rays glistened off of the sea below. A slight breeze swept across the moistened skin of the beautiful figure laying on a chaise lounge in a string bikini. She bristled from the chilling breeze contacting the beads of moisture that had formed on her arms.  Her olive skin darkened by 10 days of leisure away from everyone and everything that irritated her. Only four days left in this paradise and she would be forced to return, to what? She wondered. Well she was living in the moment for the next four days. That was her mission for now.

    Amy removed her Gucci sunglasses and took a mental inventory. She was lean and tight for her age. Heads turned when she walked from her chair to the pool. She was tall, sleek, a trophy for any man. She had some work done years back just to enhance some of her less attractive features. She was indeed a catch, thanks to the man she was now far away from. Four more days, she thought, to enjoy myself. She looked around the pool. Who should I pick?

    She found what she was looking for on the other side of the pool. She studied him closely. A man around forty, six-foot tall, who was probably in sports when he was younger, but now life was in the way. He was attractive but was probably thicker in the middle than when he was younger. She checked his hands. No ring and alone meant he was likely divorced and in St. Thomas to have a good time. Well, she was looking for the same thing, an especially good time. Amy stood up slowly, allowing time for everyone to notice. As if by cue, the gentleman sitting on the other side of the pool raised his head from the book he was reading and glanced her way. She turned toward him just long enough to give him a smile and then dove into the pool. She knew he would still be looking when she broke the surface. Amy had been a swimmer in high school and had an easy stroke. She covered the distance of the pool with ease and floated on the surface so that her best features were visible. She didn’t need to look in order to know that he was watching. She could feel his eyes on her as she continued with her swim. After a few laps she glided to the side of the pool where the man was now watching intently. She lifted herself out of the water. Amy positioned her body so that she was right at the base of the man’s lounge chair. She made sure it was obvious that she was there to see him.

    “All alone?” Amy said with pouting lips and then a slight smile. The man, eyes wide, thinking that he must have died and gone to heaven, straightened up in his chair. It was obvious that he was aware of his physique and pulled in his slightly protruding stomach.

    “Uh, yes. I am indeed alone. Mostly work with a small amount of vacation.” He smiled and she noticed the perfectly white and straight teeth. It was a kind smile with a tinge of mischief mixed in.

    "Are you enjoying your work, slash, vacation?” she asked.

    “My work allows me to have some free time so, yes, although it is difficult eating alone especially on such a beautiful island.” Her que, she thought as she straightened her legs so that he could get the entire view.

    “And you?” he asked. “Are you here for work or pleasure?” She hesitated before answering and then in a flash she made a decision to at least be partially honest.

    “I have been here ten days and only have four left. I expected to have more fun. Do you like to have fun?” She turned her head toward him, her green eyes a question mark. She waited patiently while he absorbed her question. He cocked his head as if thinking of the best reply.

    “My name is Jim.”  He finally said. “And you are?” She swung her legs around so they were facing him and raised her hand toward him. “I’m Amy. It is nice to meet you, Jim.” They shook hands and their contact lingered a fraction too long.

    “A drink, Jim?” Amy asked as she waved to the pool boy walking by. “I hear you can buy a bucket of rum drinks here that will knock your socks off.” Jim nodded in agreement, thinking he had truly died and gone to heaven. Amy stood up and walked over to the empty chair next to him. Jim’s eyes followed her, locked on the beautiful figure next to him. She was long and lean, the type of woman men only dream about meeting, and she was sitting next to him.

    A few hours later at the outside bar, a short distance from the pool and an even shorter distance from the beach, Jim waited patiently on a stool sipping his Mai Tai. He was starting to feel the effects of too much rum in the tropical heat. Amy had left him for a visit to the restroom. He noticed that her drink was empty. Jim waved to the bartender for a refill and checked out the view of the Caribbean and St. John a few miles out to sea. It was a beautiful sight. The variation of blues that stretched across the water with the island backdrop was magnificent. He had been so busy that this was the first time he really noticed just how beautiful this place was. A finger suddenly slid across his neck as Amy came around him and twisted into her bar stool. She lifted her drink and tapped his with a clink.

    “To us, Jim,” she said with a salute and then added, “at least for the next four days.” Jim noticed that Amy looked perfectly sober even after consuming a couple of rum drinks. He, on the other hand recognized that he needed to slow down.

    “Time for me to give these up for a while,” Jim said as he watched Amy gaze out into the Caribbean. “At some point in the very near future I am going to need to eat something.” Jim noticed that the sun was already below the top of the hill where the hotel and pool were located. Amy turned her gaze from the sea and smiled.

    “I like you, Jim. You have a gentle quality about you. Do you have any kids? You look like a man who has kids,” she said thoughtfully.

    “Pretty serious question from a woman with only a first name,” Jim replied.

    “No big deal,” Amy answered. “I was just curious. Like I said, you look comfortable around people. Kids have a way of teaching us to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. You know what I mean, Jim?” He nodded in agreement.

    “I have been married to my work for a very long time. This is the first break I have taken since I started my career. I dated a number of women. I almost married once but the job just kept getting in the way. It is difficult to be married to two mistresses. I took this break to try to figure out where I go from here. I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life living a job if you know what I mean.” Amy brightened, her face suddenly all smiles.

    “That’s exactly what I want to hear.” She moved her stool closer to him and kissed him on the cheek. “Only four days left, Jim. Let’s get out of here and get something to eat. I found a small café in town that has crazy good local food. Do you like goat? I love trying new foods and I saw that they had goat on the menu. I just might give it a try.”

    “When in Rome,” was his only reply.

    Jim walked to the pier a short distance from the hotel. He was dressed in brown khaki slacks and a white cotton shirt. He wore comfortable sandals. It was still warm and humid even as the sun was starting to set. The water taxi going to the town of Charlotte Amalie was heading toward the dock, still about two minutes out when he noticed Amy walking toward him. She waved, that big smile still ever present on her face. She wore an ocean blue day dress with a wide belt that exaggerated her incredible figure. Her auburn hair glistened from the rays of the setting sun. He again thanked his lucky stars. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever met.

    “You made it!” she said, a little breathless after her walk to the pier. “I was hoping you wouldn’t chicken out when I mentioned that the best meal at the restaurant was goat.”

    “I‘m willing to bet that they have more than just goat,” Jim replied. He caught himself smiling. It had been a long time since he had smiled. Jim helped Amy into the water taxi and jumped in beside her. The captain of the small vessel announced that it would be a few minutes ride to town. They both sat quietly enjoying each other’s company and listening to the captain point out the sights as they made the short trip to Charlotte Amalie.

    Sadie’s Café was down a long narrow pathway in between two old, three-story red brick buildings. The walkway and the building appeared to be built from the same worn red brick. There were a number of small shops as well as cafés along the path. Amy held onto Jim’s hand as she guided him purposefully toward her destination. He noticed the sign hanging over the large highly stained wooden doors. It proclaimed “Sadie’s Café An Amazing Food Establishment”. He noticed the menu written by hand next to the door as they entered. The good news was that they indeed had more than just goat. The interior of the restaurant was larger than it seemed from the outside. There was a long bar where patrons and vacationers were sitting and enjoying different types of rum drinks. Everyone seemed to drink rum in St. Thomas. They were led to a table at the far end of the restaurant. The room was lit by the open windows. The inside was partially made of stone walls. The small section of walls that were not stone, were accented with bright turquoise paint. Each table was covered with a black and white checkered tablecloth.  Jim had to admit that it was more tastefully done than he had expected to see from a place that specialized in goat.

    A dark skinned local waitress that looked like she owned the place handed them two menus and two glasses of water. She had a broad and friendly smile with a Creole English accent. “Take your time checking out the menu. I will be back in a jiff. By the way, the special is goat stew. I don’t recommend it to outsiders, but it is quite good if you have an adventurous pallet. It is the best on the island,” she said as she headed to the next table.

    Jim ordered a couple glasses of white wine and some local cheese. He took a sip of the wine and swirled it in the glass. “So, Amy, do you have a last name or is it just Amy?” She frowned for the first time, only for an instant. “Just Amy,” she said, her smile returning. “Let’s leave this on a first name basis for the moment. It’s more mysterious that way. Don’t you think?”

    The waitress returned and they both decided to try the specialty.  By their second glass of wine the stew had arrived and Amy had to release Jim’s hand. They tasted the stew and were surprised by the various flavors. It was slightly gamey but in a good way. They ate slowly, enjoying the food and the company. Jim had noticed on the menu that the featured dessert was bread pudding with, of course, a rum sauce.

“    So what do you do with your time, Amy? Are you in a particular profession or do you just get to lay by the pool all day?” Jim took a moment to watch her reaction to the question. He was trained to read an individual’s reaction. He smiled while he watched her slightly struggle with formulating an answer to a very simple question. “It’s not meant to be a trick question,” Jim added after a few moments of silence.

    “I make a living at acquiring other people’s money. I am very good at it.”

    “Well, I guess I will be a challenge for you since I do not have any,” Jim answered with a hearty laugh. “So is this a legal business or are you some type of Bernie Madoff?”

    “Let’s just say that I handle a very large charity and that I am required to do a great deal of fundraising.”

    “Sounds interesting,” Jim said, still not sure what Amy did for a living. The bread pudding arrived and Jim decided not to dig any further into a question that Amy was obviously reluctant to answer. They both tasted the moist bread pudding spiked with rum. It was delightful. Amy set her fork down and put her elbows on the table. She rested her chin on her hands.

    “And how about you, Jim? What type of work are you doing that allows you to spend time here?” Amy’s green eyes, now the color of the azure sea, were focused on Jim and he again was taken aback by her beauty. Her smile was radiant as she waited patiently to hear his answer. He did not hesitate.

    “Right now I am acting as a consultant. I had an opportunity to take a three-month gig on the island and I needed a break, so I took it.” He decided not to add any more information, at least not until he knew more about her. Jim noticed that Amy had only taken one bite out of her desert while Jim’s was already finished.

    “Not a bread pudding fan?” he asked. She looked at her plate.

    “A girl’s got to watch her figure, especially when she’s trying to seduce the guy in front of her.” Jim moved closer to her and kissed her on the cheek.

    “And here I thought I was the one doing the seducing,” he whispered. The waiter came and Jim paid the check. He needed some air. They set out for a walk along the bay. The sun had set and the stars were just starting to twinkle. The moon was nowhere to be seen and all you could hear in the distance was the sound of waves hitting the surf.

    There were no tourist ships in the harbor so the walkway around the bay was deserted. Jim had his arm around Amy as he bent down and kissed her. She moved her arms around his neck and moved closer to him, their kiss lingering as they held each other tightly. “Time to go back to the hotel,” she whispered. “I have plans for you.”