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       What ​happens when you see the most beautiful woman in the world and         realize that she is looking at you? The woman of your dreams then asks you      for a drink. That's the case for Special Agent Terry Lewis as he sits at a pool     in St. Thomas. As their relations develops the agent discovers that this woman   is not who she pretends to be. She is very special and she is hiding from the      person who saved her from death only months earlier. The relationship which    started as a harmless fling grows quickly only to be threatened by those who    want her.

​       Terry Lewis will try to move heaven and earth in order to keep her safe but    he is up against powerful forces who want to take control of her and her            special   gift. A gift that could change everything because everyone wants to      be young again!


George Kreigler was born in Iowa. He grew up hunting and fishing around his home town. After college, George became involved with computers and spent the next 30 years as an entrepreneur and executive in the data storage industry. He has been writing novels for the past twenty years. "CHILDSAVER" is the first of a series of novels focused on fictional medical advancements and how these advancements may affect humanity. The second book "Passion Plus" is the sequel to "CHILDSAVER". The third novel "A Precedence for Youth" Will be released late in 2018. 

George Kreigler III

​​​​​         Jesse Williams, a Neuroscientist, is on the verge of a revolutionary                        breakthrough that could change the intellectual learning ability of humanity.          His  goal was much simpler, to help children with learning disabilities.

        Bill Deaken, the powerful Senator from Mississippi and also a presidential          candidate, has been watching the drug development very carefully.  He wants       the drug and the power that goes with having a team in the White House with a      superior intellect.  His goal and promise to America is to reset the corrupt legal     machine destroying the country.  

       The battle that ensues leaves Jessie and his team running for their lives as          unknown forces are working to take control of his life's work.

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​   A Precedence for Youth

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  Passion Plus 

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     This thrilling sequel to CHILDSAVER brings back old   adversaries as FBI Special Agents Terry Lewis and         Steve Sabon rush to discover the group responsible       for dumping a deadly sex drug onto the streets of New   Orleans. Little do they know that the creators of this       drug are heavily tied to their past. The murderous           reign that they thought had ended has now reappeared   in their own back yard.